Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 52  
Business: Delivery Service  
Loan: 142€; 178€; 135€


Update May 2017

Hermanto repaid his last microcredit in time! 

Update March 2017

Hermanto received a third and last microcredit from us. He used it to make another large bulk order.

Update Dezember 2016

After a dramatic motorcycle accident Hermanto was not able to leave the house for two months. Although we offer prolonged repayment times, Hermanto wanted to repay his credit on time – and managed to do so!

With our support, Risa, Hermanto’s wife, opened a food stall to support the family during this hard time, which she still operates.

Now, that Hermanto feels better, he wants to reopen his small company. He already managed to secure a contract. In order to be able to top up his supply we help him with a microloan.

Gallery Hermanto

Gallery Hermanto
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He delivers products such as these

About Hermanto

In 1993, Hermanto’s business went bankrupt. In the hope of a better future, the family  moved from their home town to the neighbor island Bali. Hermanto asked his mother in law for help and she gave him a golden ear ring. He sold the ear ring in order to pay the journey.

When the family arrived in Bali, all they had left was about 4€. It was a tough choice, if he used the money to buy food then they would have nothing left at all. Therefore, he decided to buy massage oil and use it to offer massages for tourists in hotels. His idea worked out and the family had enough to eat.

After many years of working as massage therapist Hermanto started to realize that he can not only rely on this as his energy will decrease naturally as he becomes older. Then, in 2009, the economy crisis hit Bali and tourists, Hermantos main customers, stayed away.

He had a friend who sells motor bike (Bali’s main transport vehicle) spare part for a living so he decided to learn how to run the business and make money by selling parts such as brake pads, engine oil, spark plug, light bulb, tire and others. He orders spare parts from Indonesia’s Capital Jakarta and sells it to motor bike service garages all over Bali. 5 years later, he earns around 200€ per month, enough to pay rent and school for his daughter.

His 20 years old son just started to work in a bakery shop, and now also joined the family business. The micro loan Hermanto took was be used to buy a large order or spare parts so his son could start aquiring new customers and contribute to the familie’s income, too.

Gallery Hermanto

Gallery Hermanto
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In March 2017 director Tobias Schüßler visits Hermanto in his home