During the COVID-19 pandemic, our participants are finding that Gcash Send Money is the easiest and fastest way to transfer money, whether it’s to send or remit money to loved ones or to make payments to online merchants or other small and medium businesses. Through Gcash, our participants can also accommodate money globally, receive money from anyone overseas, such as overseas Filipino workers stuck in quarantine. This is made possible through the Claim Remittance feature.

In addition, GMI is taking advantage of technology to continue its operations for our fellow entrepreneurs despite the pandemic, to follow strict government quarantine protocols and to reduce exposure to physical contact. With the help of Gcash money transfer, all our transactions and accounting of weekly incoming amounts are simplified.

And for our loanees, Gcash offers a new way to do business. Most of them have started to use social media to sell their products or even their services. In addition, it provides the opportunity of third-party delivery assistance and Gcash money transfers. One of our loanees said:

“Using Gcash is a great help for me because it is very easy to use. I can easily pay my monthly bills like water and electricity through the application without fear of being exposed to a virus. I also use Gcash to pay my weekly repayments to GMI. And what’s good about this application, I get discounts or bonuses for every transaction I made.”

GMI is now trying to shift into taking advantage of the technology and use the money transfers one hundred percent. This opens a door of new opportunities and possibilities to reach more entrepreneurs in the future.

Author: Ronja
Translator: Johnrick