Nurul Aini is aged 22 and lives together with her mother-in-law and her two daughters aged 7 and 2 on the island of Lombok in Indonesia.

Nuruls husband is in Malaysia as a guest worker. He´s working in the palm oil production industry for 5 years. Nuruls husband lives apart from his family as he supports them financially with his job in Malaysia. The family relies on regular remittances. Nurul is solely responsible and conscientious in the care of their own daughters and her mother-in-law.

Meanwhile Nurul got bored and she was lacking to have a fulfilling employment. She decided to be self-employed by selling cosmetics. Besides improving her self-esteem and escaping “boredom”, she also managed to support her family financially. Her mother-in-law is supporting her physical cosmetics booth as well in which she makes in-person sales of cosmetics. Nurul took thoughtful decisions for her business. She didn´t solely rely on in-person sales which is common in Indonesia but used the internet as a tool and another distribution channel to seek customers.
Her business wasn´t easy as she faced many challenges and drawbacks. Nuruls business is currently successful and her efforts have paid off. She´s able to support her family financially since opening her own business. With her business and her husband’s work in Malaysia, the family has a combined income of IDR 3.800.000 (€ 218) per month. From the family’s income about € 103 is gained thanks to Nuruls business in selling cosmetics.

Most of Nuruls customers are concentrated within her own family and friend’s circle. Her new challenge is to acquire more customers in order to increase her income. But this step proves to be more difficult. Compared to staple foods, cosmetics take longer to be used. She doesn´t have a high turnover rate as businesses selling staple foods. Nurul aims to extend her product range with the help of a microloan of € 70. Such products are e.g. soap, cosmetics bags or fragrances.

She can continue selling her products during the ongoing Covid19 pandemic and lockdown measures thanks to her online shop. Her online shop helps her family to maintain their income.

We wish Nurul luck, health and all the best for the future!

Translation: Mustafa