Indhartik title
Place: Denpasar, Indonesien  
Age: 35  
Business: Selling Crackers  
Loan: 35€; 35€


Update November 2017

It’s “Galungan” soon, a big hindu ceremony. Similar to our Christmas, people are buying a lot of things for friends and family. In order to make use of the increased demad, we give Indhartik a second micro loan.

About Indhartik

It’s approximately four years ago that the 35-year old Indhartik, together with her husband Wahyudianto (42) and two sons (4 and 9), moved from Malang, the eighth largest city on Java, to the neighbouring island of Bali. In the region of Denpasar, the small family pays approximately 57€ a month for their room. In order to be able to pay for accommodation and food, Indhartik’s husband works for a beverage supplier, where he earns 143€ a month. Indhartik supports her husband financially and thus opened a shop with small snacks.

The intelligent mother and wife shops at a wholesale and resells the products in smaller portions. One large pack makes approximately 12 new, smaller packs. At the moment, Indhartik supplies five warungs (street stalls) and earns 14€ a day. At the end of a good day, however, she will only be left with 5€, excluding transportation costs. This means that, despite two hard working parents, the daily per-head income of the family is 2,40€.

Indhartik used our microcredit to expand her business. She is now able to buy more products at the wholesale and therefore supply more warungs.