Global Micro Initiative´s microloans in South East Asia were paid out by cash. This method of granting a loan isn’t only complex but also impossible due to the lockdowns of the ongoing pandemic. Tobias is the founder of GMI and tried to find a way for supporting small businesses during the ongoing pandemic. It is contrary to the time when GMI started to grant microloans about 6 years ago. The government of Indonesia supports poorer people by giving them free access to bank accounts which they didn´t had before. This way we can offer the opportunity for paying out ot redeeming the loan by bank transfers. Thankfully we can still support our participants during the pandemic.

Only 2 out of 27 microloan participants have access to a bank account. Our aim is to help participants e.g. on the island of Lombok. We put a lot of effort for our participants and help each of them to open their own bank account during the next year.

Sopian is a “pioneer”. He is one of the first microloan participants who has an access to a bank account. Sopian has a small business on Lombok and earns his living for himself and his family by roasting coffee. With “Facebook” and “Instagram”, Sopian uses the internet for making business with his customers and use the benefits of digital payments with his bank account.

GMI aims to offer the same opportunities for every participant of our microloan programme. Each participant should have a chance to walk a step closer for a brighter future like Sopian. Even with lockdowns, GMI offers profound counselling for our microloan participants which mostly run a small business. In this way we can also keep strict social distancing and hygiene rules by using our phone or chat via “Facebook”.


Translation M.Pamuk