Update: Earthquake in Indonesia


Since the devastating earthquake in early August, we have been in a lively exchange with the heads of our partner organisation Gema Alam.  Even 8 weeks later, there are still several minor aftershocks almost daily. The employees of Gema Alam have meanwhile built several temporary accommodations together with other relief organizations. It is especially helpful for pregnant and nursing women, children and elderly people to get out of the emergency shelters and reduce the risk of infectious diseases.

“In addition, we can now assist entrepreneurs to reopen their business, in the villages of Beririjarak, Pringgasela and Sapit, who were not so strongly affected by the quake,” says Juaini, project manager of Gema Alam. “This way, they can take care of themselves again and are no longer dependent on emergency relief packages.”

“We have already agreed on the first payouts of microcredits so that people do not fall into debt by the horrendous interest of local money lenders” explains Tobias Schüßler, our director. “The micro entrepreneurs in the villages whom our partners serve want to be back on their own feet as quickly as possible and do not want to rely on outside help. We support them with microcredits, because the money remains in the village communities even after the repayment and supports other families in their businesses. “