“25 years ago, my father brought the first coffee seeds, Robusta Kantim, to our village of Beririjarak. He had participated in government training courses for coffee and cocoa farmers and had started growing Robusta. Five years later, the cultivation of Arabica was added.” Sopian, one of our small entrepreneurs from Lombok, Indonesia, proudly tells the story of his coffee roasting business in an online chat with Tobias Schüßler, founder of GMI. “In 2017, I started the roasting business so that I could sell coffee to the tourists who come here,” says Sopian. “After the earthquake in 2018, nobody wanted to rent tents and sleeping bags anymore. So I concentrated entirely on coffee.”

The creative small businessman takes care of the packaging design and marketing of his coffee on his own. He obtains his Arabica and Robusta coffee beans exclusively from traditional coffee farmers in the vicinity of his village.

Sopian took part in various workshops financed by us. Thanks to several microcredits he was able to expand his business to the point where he can even deliver to other islands in Indonesia. He is one of the first small-scale entrepreneurs on Lombok who we supported and who now also sell their goods via Instagram and Facebook.
“The coffee farmers in my area also benefit from my business, as I need more and more coffee from them because of the great demand,” reports Sopian

Sopian’s big dream is to be able to equip his coffee store with an espresso machine one day and thus further expand his coffee assortment and reach even more customers. As a first step, he has already attended a seminar on how to make this new product. For the “International Day of Coffee” on October 1, Sopian is planning a discount campaign for his customers.