“Without a team of volunteers, our work in Southeast Asia would not be possible,” says Tobias Schüßler, founder of Global Micro Initiative e.V.

The “International Day of Volunteers for Economic and Social Development”, also known in Germany as the “International Volunteer Day”, takes place on December 5 of each year. Since 1985, this day, which was decided upon by the United Nations (UN), has provided an opportunity to give numerous helpers worldwide recognition for their daily commitment, thus replacing the Volunteer Day previously celebrated in Germany on December 2. It is used to commemorate and honor the commitment of each individual.

We promote economic and social development in Southeast Asia by granting microcredits and providing subsequent support through our local partners. But it is only through the daily work of our many volunteers that it is possible to offer disadvantaged people a chance for a better and more self-determined life. In addition to administrative tasks, translating texts, involvement in marketing, fundraising and PR, they ensure that our donors get to know the faces and stories of the people whom they give a perspective with their donations. ”Without creative authors, translators, homepage and social media admins, we could not attract donors and our supporters would not know who their donation has helped,” describes our founder Tobias Schüßler.

“I am fascinated how strongly our team has grown in the six years since our foundation and what we have already achieved together”, Tobias proudly sums up. “My thanks go to all those who make GMI’s work possible in the first place and who give the aid organization time and effort. Only together with their help can we offer the people of Southeast Asia a perspective for a better future. I am proud to be part of this team.

In keeping with the spirit of today, we would like to thank all our volunteers, partner organizations and donors for their support, and we would like to continue to offer many people in Southeast Asia a better perspective and a higher quality of life in the future.
Author: Susann / Anja