“We love what we do and we take our commitment very personally”

Marion – Co-Founder and Member of the Board

September 2014: The young student and Tobias got to know each other during their joint study time in Heilbronn in the course “International Business Administration – Intercultural Studies”. While learning together Tobias told her about his heart’s desire and his idea to found a non-profit organization to support needy people in East Asia. During their conversation the ambitious young man infected Marion more and more with his enthusiasm. Her desire to finally start giving something back and to help people who do not have it such a easy life grew more and more.

Today, Marion is not only a co-founder and board member of GMI, but has been helping people in Southeast Asia for more than six years. The 35-year-old supports GMI primarily in marketing and fundraising. Since Marion has nothing to do with these areas professionally, at GMI she is able to find a balance to her work. She loves to learn new things, and GMI gives her the opportunity to grow and develop in these two areas.

Power woman with a heart

Mother, wife, daughter, friend and much more. Marion definitely has a lot of energy. She also needs this energy to make everything look so skilfully light. In addition to her full-time job as mother of an 18-month-old daughter and wife, the native of Essenbach has been playing table tennis actively for over 20 years. Marion is also a coach and head of department there. In her job as an IT consultant in Munich she also gives everything and masters the everyday life with family and career very professionally. Therefore, we would like to thank Marion even more for her many years of commitment, which she pursues with love and passion.

“I want to be a role model for my daughter and help people”

By joining GMI, Marion not only wants to make a valuable contribution and help people in need, but also to be an example to others, especially her daughter, and to show her that you can make a big difference with little things.

“GMI takes great care to ensure that donations are only used for charitable purposes. In the same way, our partner organizations are closely monitored and instructed. This way we do business well and you know where the money, time and commitment is going. I trust my teammates and therefore I trust our partner organizations and I don’t think you can always say that in every organization,” says Marion.

“Our work is authentic”

And this from the first moment to the end when the thank-you card is written to the donors. “We love what we do and we take our commitment very personally. Every one of my colleagues is incredibly dedicated and stands behind their work and their commitment to support people, even if there is not necessarily personal contact with the project participants” enthuses Marion. For the future, she hopes that GMI can continue to expand its projects and that the microcredit borrowers can successfully implement many good business ideas. Also firmly planned for the future is a trip to the partner organizations and participants on site. Because, Marion would like to see with her own eyes “what we have already achieved and what lies ahead.”

Author: Anja Huber