Interview with Sanna from WKP


During his visit at WKP Foundation in Denpasar, Alexander Rachor conducted an interview with the project coordinator Sanna who is our contact person there.

Since when do you work with WKP?

I am member since 2004 and I am working in a voluntary capacity as program coordinator.

What motivated you to join?

I am motivated by the fact that the people are better off in the long term and can improve their lives by themselves. Through our direct contact with the participants it is especially rewarding to see the changes in their living conditions.

How does WKP select candidates?

Most important of all is the personal connection to our applicants. Therefore, we meet potential borrowers directly in the street and talk about their businesses on site. Very often, however, they also approach us.

Do you have to do a lot of marketing in order to be “seen”?

Not at all. We don’t even have a budget for this. As mentioned, we sometimes approach people directly on the streets, mostly people come to us as they heard about WKP from others. The interest rates we charge are comparatively very low. I assume, that we reject 80% of all applications directly.

Which criteria does one have to fulfil in order to be forwarded to GMI as applicant in the first place?

First of all, it is important that participants aren’t too poor as they would use the loan to buy food otherwise and never be able to repay. Also they should not be too wealthy, because they don’t need our support. Furthermore, a candidate has to be able to describe exactly how they will use the loan. We only forward applications to Global Micro Initiative who use their loans for business purposes.

Our selection process is relatively extensive when compared to commercial moneylenders. How do participants react to that?

For some it is unusual that we also visit their homes. We then explain that we work together with a foreign institution and that it is important for us to get to know participants. Apparently this resonates with the borrowers as many of them request follow up loans or even recommend us to others.

What do you hope to reach through the work with GMI?

Global Micro Initiative helps us in financing and conducting a large portion of our projects. Thanks to this successful collaboration it is possible for us to empower a larger portion of Indonesia’s poor to live a better life.