Place: Baretto, Philippines  
Age: 25  
Business: Tailorshop  
Loan: 100€; 2 x 166€


Update September 2018

Now, Jenifer received another micro loan as she was not able to fulfill a large order without immediately getting an additional machine. 


Update June 2018

Jenifer cancelled a third loan application. She had saved enough money to buy the machine without debt. For us, this is a great development!

Update March 2018

Last year, Jenifer made her dream of her own fashion enterprise come true with one of our micro loans. She bought her own small sewing machine and started making her own dresses. She keeps improving her sowing skills independently by watching YouTube videos. As her business developed well, she has already been able to afford a new, better sewing machine as well as more utensils. Her private life is improving through her self-employment, too: as she is able to work from home, she can better take care of her son. In the future, Jenifer would like to open her own store in the shopping promenade. „But for this, I will have to employ somebody first, who can take care of the more simple jobs.“, explains the entrepreneur. „Then I can focus on the difficult designs and serve customers. Right now I have as many orders every week as I used to have in an entire month!”

Bildergalerie Jenifer

Bildergalerie Jenifer
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Vorstandsvorsitzender Tobias Schüßler besucht Jenifer's Studio

About Jenifer

Close to Olongapo, a city on the Philippines, is Subic Bay Freeport Zone, a US naval base until 1992. The people of Olongapo live impoverished and fight for their daily livelihood albeit high-school diplomas. One of them is Jenifer, a young mother from a working class family. Her mother stays at home while her father is a labourer. Together with her child, the 25-year old Jenifer lives in a simple house in Barretto. Since her early teenage years she used to work in a fast food chain after school in order to support her parents financially and to be able to afford her education. After high school, she began working as a seamstress in a clothing factory and subsequently in a toy factory. 

Since Jenifer much prefers to design and sew clothes, she decided to become self-employed. She is now able to look better after her child as she doesn’t have sufficient money for childcare. 

Thanks to a micro credit from GMI, Jenifer was able to buy a sewing machine and her dream became true – owning her own clothing store.