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The work of Global Micro Initiative e.V. is only possible thanks to the extraordinary commitment of our volunteers. As a non-profit organization, we finance our projects exclusively through donations. For as little as €35, you can help people in Southeast Asia lead a better and more self-determined life. On this page you can find out what you can do.

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Want to be part of the Global Micro Initiative?

Then simply fill out our sponsor membership application. By doing so, you make our work possible in the first place. We are happy about every new sustaining member we can welcome.

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We forward 100% of all donations to our partner organizations for microloans and to promote education. We are only able to do this because the annual contributions of our sustaining members cover the administrative costs incurred and because we are actively supported by volunteers. More sustaining members mean more opportunities for us to expand our work in Southeast Asia.

Why join?

The more sustaining members, the more opportunities we have to visit partner organizations, learn about situations on the ground, and expand collaborations.

Take part in the decision-making: As a sustaining member, you also have the chance to actively participate in decision-making at the general meetings.
Stay informed: Our newsletter informs you about current developments. As a supporting member, you will always have the good feeling that you are contributing to a financially independent, secure and self-determined future for people in Southeast Asia with your annual membership fee of only 30 € per year.

Support our work with a donation!

You would like to support us financially in our work and thus enable new perspectives for people and families in the Philippines and Indonesia?

Then we are happy about your donation! Our promise: You will find out afterwards exactly who you have helped!

Some examples of what you make possible with a donation:

– With 60 € we can give a starter kit in Thailand
– Our smallest microloan is 70 €
– On average we grant microcredits for 100 €
– 110 € enables an education in the Philippines

Support us with online shopping – at no extra costs

Shop online and support GMI at no extra cost!

Since 2017, we have been registered with boost, which has since merged with We Can Help.  We are impressed with how well this program works and how many people have supported us through their online purchases.

On We Can Help you will find over 1700 participating companies from many categories (travel, food, books, etc.). They pay a commission for each purchase referred and 90% of that revenue goes to charities like us.
By ordering through We Can Help, you support our initiative by going to an online store through this link before each purchase and then ordering as usual. This way, we will automatically be credited with a donation amounting to an average of 4% of the purchase value.

You can download the Shop Alarm via this link. Through the add-on, the browser immediately recognizes when you are on a website that supports We Can Help. This way you can support Global Micro Initiative e.V. with a small donation – without any effort or additional costs.

For their particularly generous support, we would like to express our sincere thanks to:

Beister Software GmbH Goldbach, Stiftung CAMPANULA Laufach, Kolpingladen Hösbach e.V., Sparkasse Aschaffenburg-Alzenau, Hermann Arnold GmbH Hösbach, Raiffeisen-Volksbank Aschaffenburg, Jutta und Christoph Andrian-Werburg, Daniel B., Dr. Georg Strack und Andrea de la Haye, Christiaan Nijsink, Dr. Ulrich und Silke Kaps, Dieter Joa, Brigitte und Georg Grebner, Manfred Schüßler, Sabine Daniels, Maria Schwierz, Carmen Englert, Michael Jost.