Place: Pancor, East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 32  
Business: Electronics Repair Service   
Loan: 60 €


Karya Sukma lives together with his wife Gita Asmarani and their two children in Pancor, located in the East of Lombok/Indonesia. Their son is the first child aged 5 while their daughter is the second child aged 1. Karya Sukma decided to run his own business and created his own electronics repair service about 2 years ago. He is also making his living by selling phones and their equipment. His wife, Gita Asmarani tries to support him as much as possible. She is a teacher and brings additional income to the family.

Karya´s business was established in November 2018 but he has been dealing with several problems from the beginning. He was running out of prepaid credit for customers and didn´t had all the required tools for repairing. These problems were a setback but he always aimed to not give up and buy the equipment and if needed with paying them in instalments. His business makes about € 15 / day profit but he wants to buy new equipment. With a microloan of € 60 he will buy new equipment for electronics attachments and also set up his workplace.


Translation: Mustafa