Cooperative “Formula”

Place: Suela, Indonesia  
Age: 25 – 40  
Business: Various  
Loan: 5 x 135€


Five of our borrowers are living in Lombok. However different their initial situations are, they all have a common goal: together with ‘FORUMULA’, their village cooperative, they would like to build a tourist information center where one can also buy self-roasted coffee and other local products. With this, the borrowers would like to foster Ecotourism. This is a branch of tourism that takes the environment and local inhabitants under consideration. The five of them share the loan and the responsibility for the project. We introduce the participants to you:

Arifin is 31 years old and lives with his wife Suriani in their own house. He sold groceries from 2013-2015 and earned about 35€ a month. However, the store did not go as well as he had hoped which is why he is also a teacher at a local school and chairman of the charitable organization FORUMULA . With our micro loan he would like to continue his grocery store and multiply the capital for the villages’ coffee shop.


Suddam is the youngest participant of group with only 25 years. When he was 22, he operated an oyster mushroom breeding at his home. With this he earned about 1,40€ per day. However, his business did not go as well as expected. One of his difficulties was marketing which ended up driving him into bankruptcy. The young man did not give up though. 2015, Suddam and his wife Siti started selling prepaid mobile credit, clothing and blankets, first at home, later online as well. Suddam earns a total of 1,20€ a day.


Dedi is 26 years-old. He lives at his parents’ house with his wife Nurul and their shared daughter. Inspired by his friends he started selling prepaid mobile credit but with profits of under 0,80€ per day he soon stopped. The 26-year-old teaches at a school in Suela as well.


Haerul (37) owns his own little house where he lives with his wife Zaetun. He had a vegetable store from 2012 to 2014 for which he bought the products from local farmers and sold it the next day to dealers on the traditional village markets. Since 2015 he works as a farmer himself, growing rice, tobacco and vegetables. He can harvest twice a year with which he achieves a total income of 720€ annually. Haerul is using the micro loan for his vegetable cultivation and the village store.


The last participant is Munawi. The 40-year-old lives with his wife at his parents’ house as well. His vegetable stand is right next to their house. He also breeds ducks who’s eggs he pickles in salt and sells them to the villagers. The eggs are being conserved through the salt and stay eatable longer in the tropical weather. With the sales, he earnes about 3,20€ per week. When the village cooperative received the loan, Munawi said: “My hope is to improve our economic situation and help the members of the FORMULA organization with this loan.”


With micro credit, we help the five members to realize their shared project and their goal of ecotourism in their village. We hope they are successful.