Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 43  
Business: Tailor shop  
Loan: 3 x 71 €; 100 €


Update November 2018

The sharp increase in prices gives most micro entrepreneurs a hard time in Denpasar, this includes our program participants, also Lodiwika. For her to still be able to buy wholesale, we gave her a 100€ micro loan. This way, she can keep producing the same amount of goods and won’t have to increase prices too much.

Update September 2018

Lodiwika received a third micro loan after she repaid the previous one.

Update May 2018

A bulk order of 50 school uniforms helped Lodiwika, to repay her loan much sooner than expected. In order to buy the materials at the wholesale store, she used her first loan. With a second microcredit we help her to renew her machines and be able to work faster in the future. 

About Lodiwika

Lodiwika and Marthen each left their home town to find work and a better future onIndonesias island Bali. Their dream of a better life seemed to come true. They met each other and finally got married. Marthen started to work at a gas station, Lodiwika found a job at a sewing factory. After working there for three years, Ludiwika decided to open her own business. With their joint income, they could just pay for the apartment’s and boutique’s rent. With the birth of their son the dream of a better life seemed to be coming true. Then, last year, the unthinkable happened: Their son, aged nine, got infected with pneumonia and passed away, because they could not pay for a hospital. 

Ever since, the two go through a rough time and try to distract themselves with their work. 

With our micro loan, it was possible for Lodiwika to purchase sewing material like fabric and yarn at a wholesaler. She therefore saves money and can renew the machines at her salon. 

Bildergalerie Lodiwika

Bildergalerie Lodiwika
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Lodiwika bei der Arbeit