Lorena Dedicatoria 7
Place: San Isidro, Philippines  
Age: 47  
Business: Pig farming  
Loan: 88 €


The authorities of the Philippines have stopped to import pork meat and pork produces from Germany a few months before. The reason was due to a threat of importing produces contaminated with African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV). While ASFV is not a serious threat for humans it can lead to the death of pigs when they´re infected.

Lorena is 47 years old and lives together with her husband in the Philippines. For two years they have been running a small pig farm with healthy pigs. Her husband is employed as a police officer but the family with 7 members is still heavily depending on the income generated by pig farming. Her husband’s job and the pig farm generate a combined income of PHP 15.000 which is about € 264.
There are many reasons besides ASFV which can lead to the death of a pig. In this case they involuntarily lose some part of their income. Also, the prices of pork are volatile. If the sales price is deep down, they must wait for a normalization of the price. This can take up to two months’ time. Therefore, they are faced with many factors which leads to an unfavorable volatility in their income.

Thanks to the import ban of German pork meat and pork produces by the authorities of the Philippines the demand for domestic pork meat has increased. Lorena is seeing this as an opportunity to enlarge her business. She finished an apprenticeship as sewer thanks to GMI and Project Life Subic in the past. This gave her the reason to ask us for further assistance. GMI has granted her a loan of PHP 5000 / € 88. Thanks to this she can expand her pig farm and compensate the growing demand of customers.

Author: Annika
Translated by Mustafa Pamuk