Mael (22) comes from the province of Chaiyaphum in northeastern Thailand. Since there is little work available in Chaiyaphum, she had come to Pattaya. There, she worked for two years in a go-go bar on the famous “Walking Street”.

“Mael has heard of the Tamar Center from another woman who came to us in the spring”, reports Steffi Vaupel, project manager at Tamar Center. “When she heard that the Tamar Center was training women as cook, baker or dressmaker, she was immediately interested and wanted to stop working at bars. In May 2018, she joined us and took part in our three-month programme, where women from the bars receive counseling and insights into various training opportunities.”


Since October, Mael is being trained to become a cook. This includes learning to cook Thai dishes as well as training in the café, where she will also learn how to prepare coffee specialties and smoothies as well as serve. When Mael has completed the training, she will have a chance to work at many different employers for the first time in her life. She will be able to support her family without prostitution.

sdrMael has many dreams for her future. “She says that not only her, but her whole family is thankful that she can work with us. Before, her family, who also takes care of her two kids (aged 4 and 1) had never talked to her about what exactly she did in Pattaya. They needed money and were thankful for everything Mael provided, but where it came from, they didn’t want to know. ”

In the long term, Mael thinks of having a small mobile stand with which she can drive around with a scooter. This way she wants to sell Thai food and traditional pastries to people.