Place: Castillejos, Philippines  
Age: 36  
Costs: 90€


This is Maria Leonora Novales, a 36 year-old currently living at P-4 Barangay Del Pilar, Castillejos Zambales. Maria’s husband works as a tricycle driver and he earns 300p per day. They been living together for 20 years and they have 6 children. Their living situation is manageable because her husband owns a small house where they can live a simple life without worrying about rent.

Maria decided to participate in Project Life’s sewing training due to her passion for sewing garments. She is certain that the training will help her find a job in the future.

At the graduation ceremony in April 2017, Maria said:

“thank you so much to everyone who supported me in this program, I’ve learned a lot on a span of only 8 weeks in sewing, surely that I’ll treasured all the memories that I had here. Again thank you for bringing knowledge to our community.”