Meet our Members

Maria_Schwierz Karte

Read the interview with Maria Schwierz, member of Global Micro Initiative e.V.:

Why did you choose to become a member?
I was sold on the concept to teach people how to help themselves.

What makes Global Micro Initiative e.V. special?
I find it great that they offer such a holistic concept. They support job trainings and participants learn everything they need in order to find a job later on or start their own businesses. Micro Loans are not just given out but are intended to help in the long run. Therefore, GMI teaches business skills and is also available after the project is complete. This is great as it shows that the people and their success matters a great deal to GMI. Also, it is vital for me that GMI does not simply give away money.

How do you find the projects of Global Micro Initiative e.V.?
I am convinced by their work and how they conduct their programs. They are careful and plan ahead. They don’t overdo it but are interested in helping people in the long run.

How do you support the organization?
I am donating monthly. It is important to me to donate regularly as this eases planning for GMI and provides certainty.


Our work is only possible through members like Maria Schwierz, as we need membership fees to cover our operational costs (banking fees, mailings, flyers, homepage…). With them we can insure that 100% of our donations are used for projects. The annual contribution is only 20€ and 10€ for students. We would be delighted if you joined GMI as member. You find the membership application here.