Place: Olongapo City, Philippines  
Age: 48  
Business: Onlineshop  
Loan: 87  €


Marian is one of the 233.000 citizens of Olongapo City in the Philippines. She ́s 48 years old and unmarried. Her father was a single parent and took care of Marian and her two sisters until he has passed away suddenly. Due to this, Marian and her Sisters had to move from the south of the Philippines to Olongapo City in order to earn money.

Marian and her two sisters are living in Barrio Barretto, a quarter in OlongapoCity. They ́re working in a bar and Marian is earning about € 175 / month. Besides herjob in a bar she ́s selling cosmetics, clothing and sim-cards online using the internet but also to her friends and colleagues. She needed additional money to improve her product offers and we were able to aid her with a microloan of € 87. Global Micro Initiative ́s microloan has helped Marian to improve her business and made her more independent.