Our author Anja schould already be known to our dililgent readers. Anja has been writing program participants’ success stories and other stories for our website for nearly four years, making her the longest time volunteering at GMI. During this time, she has been able to make valuable contributions and gather a variety of impressions that have made a lasting difference.  

It all began in October 2016, when Anja was introduced to GMI through an informational event at her college. Our founding members Tobias and Marion gave a lecture on the projects of Global Micro Initiative. The idea and the concept behind it convinced Anja to become a part of it. “Through GMI, help for self-help is offered – where it is needed,” says Anja about GMI’s work. “Through this and by helping microcredit borrowers live a more self-determined life, a sustainable concept – and not just financial support – is offered.” 

The 26-year-old is fascinated by the cultural differences and individual destinies that make up GMI’s work and keep it exciting. As an author, you hear first-hand stories from a wide variety of people, some of whom you build a connection with. Anja therefore likes to report about the positive effects of GMI. Through her work she has learned to appreciate her life in Germany once again and now sees some things more relaxed than before.   

What she likes most about her job is working with the other team members and partner organizations. “The work is mutually appreciated, and this is also demonstrated”, explains Anja, “it is like working with friends”. When you volunteer at GMI, you experience open, helpful and appreciative communication. Anja also values GMI’s transparent and responsible approach to donations. “Donations are not spent on “unnecessary” promotional materials and therefore end up entirely with the people who need them.” She hopes that through many interested donors and dedicated volunteers, GMI will continue to be able to help others and make a difference in lives.  

Anja is originally from the Black Forest, has been married for a year and currently works as a team assistant with focus on human resources in a Senior Citizens’ center. Besides her job and her voluntary work, she likes to read, bake and travel. A trip to Southeast Asia to visit our partner organizations is also already in the planning stage. She is looking forward to meeting our partners and also microcredit borrowers in person, with whom she has only had written or had telephone contact so far.  

We would like to thank Anja for her valuable work over the past years and look forward to hopefully many more years.