Place: Olongapo, Philippines  
Age: 20  
Costs: 90€


Menche lives together with her 5 siblings and her parents. Menche’s father is a construction foreman and her mother works as a street sweeper at their barangay. 

Menche participated in the sewing program as she not only wanted to learn how to sew but also improve her understanding of the different parts of the sewing machine. This certainly helps her to be more productive – instead of going to a tailor shot for fixing her dress, she is not able to do it by herself. Her goal is to find a job after the program so that she can support her family financially.

At the graduation ceremony in April 2017, Menche said:

“I’m very thankful that I got to introduced to this sewing program because I’ve learned a lot especially on making this recycled materials bag. Now, I’ll be able to share the knowledge that I learned in sewing to others. Thank you so much to our trainers and to everyone who make this program possible!”