Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 32  
Business: Tailor shop  
Loan: 2 x 35 €


Update November 2018

Unfortunately, Miswaras was not able to buy all materials she needed, as prices had increased significantly. Therefore she first wanted to repay her loan and then receive another one in order to buy the rest. 

Über Miswaras

Miswaras and her husband met a few years ago on their home island of Java and decided 2012 to move together for a better life on the neighboring island of Bali, about 600 km away. Miswaras began working in a tailor’s shop until her second daughter was born. After her birth she remained at home and cared for the children.

Her husband Achmad still works in a car repair shop, in which he earns about €5.60 a day. After her daughters were older, the 32-year-old mother opened her own tailor’s shop at home. There, she accepts orders from her former boss, which fills her with a lot of dedication. In addition to new tailored clothing, it also offers a change service.

With her business she can support the family with an additional €100 a month and increase the income. Especially the change service is very popular. However, she is now running out of materials for this. With one of our microcredits of €35, it was possible for her to buy new fabrics, needles and threads for her business.