Murniati (3)
Place: Selong, Indonesia  
Age: 47  
Business: Street Vendor  
Loan: 67 €


Life hasn’t been easy for 43-year-old Murniati. After a short marriage, her husband died, leaving her alone with a son. The physically strenuous work in the rice paddies of Lombok helped the single parent to feed herself and her child, but it did not suffice for more. But Murniati didn’t give up. After a couple of difficult years, she married Amaq, who was also a farmer. They had two daughters and managed to build a simple little hut for themselves, as it is typical for residents of the remote farming village of Mekar Sari in Eastern Lombok.

For Murniati and Amaq, the education of their children is very important. Because fieldwork is seasonal and the earnings of the two were insufficient for livelihood and schooling, Amaq began breeding and selling cattle. Livestock farming initially incurs a lot of costs and doesn’t yield until a cow is sold and so in 2016, in addition to farming, the couple decided to start their own small business that Murniati could run.

With starting capital of 300,000 IDR (just under 20 Euros), she started her business at the time. After two years, it already made more than double in profits on a monthly basis. Murniati buys vegetables and prepares various dishes as well as snacks and cakes. She delivers these to the front doors of villagers in a large basket.

Despite the hard work and a very simple lifestyle, the couple’s income is not enough to fund their children’s education, which is so important to them. With a Microcredit of €65 (1.000.000 IDR), they therefore want to expand their product range and buy a higher quantity of goods and new products.