Place: Selong, Indonesia  
Age: 29  
Business: Warung  
Loan: 15€


29-year-old Muslihan lives as one of six daughters with her parents in a small apartment in Selong. She recently received a micro loan from us. In this interview you can read what she utilized it for.

Gema Alam: Telll us some thing about yourself.

Muslihan: After I finished school in 2007 I visited different courses and trainings. After that, I worked for one year in Columbia Store and another two years in a toy wholesale as vendor. In 2015 I decided to open my own business.

Gema Alam: What kind of business was it?

Muslihan: I opened a Warung, a small shop where I sold snacks, coffee and vegetables. Usually I went to the market at 6am to buy my goods that I would sell on that day. Every day, my shop was open from 8am to 9pm.

Gema Alam: How much did you make with your business?

Muslihan: Normally, my income was around Rp. 150.000 (around 10€}. However, in July 2015 I decided to work as admin support at Gema Alam as well. There I received another Rp. 500.000 (35€) per month.

Gema Alam: And today?

Muslihan: Today I work full time in my Warung again. By now also my brother is selling various products such as honey or outdoor gears and I am not selling any more snacks, vegetables or coffee but only phone credit.

Gema Alam: What did you use your microcredit for?

Muslihan: For my phone credit. I needed Rp. 200.000 (15€) in order to increase my income. The credit was a great help as my profits were Rp. 32.000 (around 2,24€) after one week.

Gema Alam: That is great to hear! Thank you very much for taking the time for an interview.

Gallery Muslihan

Gallery Muslihan
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