Through microcredits and training, we at GMI want to help people in Southeast Asia live a better and more self-determined life. With this financial support, our participants are able to become financially independent and to further their education. But what happens after a microcredit is granted?

Borrowers are not on their own, quite the contrary. “We help project participants to build networks with other participants and larger companies so that they can support each other in the long term and do not need our help,” says Tobias Schüßler, founder of GMI.

To ensure this, our Indonesian partner organisation Gema Alam organized a networking event in Lombok. A total of 57 people came together to network and exchange ideas. Half of the participants were project participants, the other half consisted of representatives of some companies in the area or the provincial government.

Mugni, the head of the tourism department in East Lombok, had also taken time to attend the event and give the opening speech. “More and more tourists are coming to Lombok and we should be prepared for this,” Mugni said, “Tourism gives us the opportunity to grow economically, so as a government we want to promote and strengthen our local businesses.” Another goal of the government is to create a network for all entrepreneurs of the island.

Zicko, head of Gema Alam, was also able to convey exciting impressions on this day. She presented some products made by our borrowers and explained how we help women develop and connect their businesses.

Another important part of the day was the conversations and contributions of the participants. For example, it was important to them to use environmentally friendly packaging for their products in order to reduce waste and make food last longer. Hotels and cafes were willing to resell our borrowers’ products and provided tips to make the products more competitive and improve.

This exchange between existing companies and our borrowers is important in order, among other things, to ensure economic success and to generate innovative ideas. All participants were able to gain valuable experience and network with each other, which contributed so significantly to the success of the event. We are already looking forward to the next event!


Author: Annika