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On this page you can continue to read older news that were published before the relaunch of our homepage in May 2017.



Gendriani Besuch1Gendriani received a second micro loan after being able to increase her daily income by 20% through the first loan. In Bali, Religion plays a major role in the daily lives of our program participants. From Gendriani’s story you can learn how our work is often influenced by that. Continue reading



IMG_7907Experiences in the slum: Today, Tobias Schüßler visited the home of Nur A’Iniah. He summarized his impressions in this blog entry. Learn more about life in Indonesia’s slum areas and how Nur A’Iniah is doing one year after the start of her project. Read more



Thanks to your support we were able to sponsor three more participants of the sewing training program in the Philippines! Learn more about Maria, Menche and Paula.


IMG_7797Hermanto recently received his third and last micro loan. When we visited him to talk about how his business was going, we were astonished to hear that his wife Risa had found a job – the first in her life! Every morning, Hermanto first drives his wife to work, then the daughter to school before he starts his spare part deliveries. Read here how the micro loan impacted Risas life apart from making her a major contributor to the family income.



Today, Director Tobias Schüßler visited Siti. By now, she had received her third micro loan and is now also selling packed Jackfruit (right image). With this, she could double her daily income again! Read here, how she got the idea to this new venture.
IMG_4630 IMG_7788



Asmawati_4We have given our first micro loan to a senior citizen couple: read the story of Asmawati and Edi.



Sanna, Schüßler, Kadek, Retno.

Director Tobias Schüßler is currently in Indonesia, where he will stay until August. We want to deepen and expand our cooperation with our partner, WKP Foundation.



Update on Grace: Last year, we sponsored her participation in Project Life’s sewing training. Due to the skills she acquired, she now runs a small bonsai business. Read more


Siti_danach2How can you double your daily income? Read the touching story of Siti and find out how she made her way out of poverty! Learn more.



Yesterday, our member assembly took place in Hösbach. Tobias Schüßler, Marion Schwierz and Silvia Schüßler have been reelected as board members. Furthermore, our goals for 2017 have been announced: we plan to fund 18 job trainings in the Philippines and enable at least 25 people to receive a micro loan. 

The old and new board of directors: Silvia Schüßler, Tobias Schüßler and Marion Schwierz


AireenAireen graduated from Project Life’s training course, financed by us. Afterwards, the mother of three received a micro loan and opened a tailor shop. For this, she is well prepared as she has a few years experience in selling cosmetic products. To learn more about her plans for the future, click here



Help us to empower more people to live a better and independent life:

Three euros


AlimiedaheimWhen we asked Alimie at the beginning of her sewing training course, what she wanted to do after graduation, it didn’t take her long to come up with a reply: “I want to open a small business and work from home so I can continue to look after my child.” Today, the successful micro entrepreneur is operating two small businesses from home.  Learn more



The results of our first impact study in Denpasar, Indonesia are out: Not only could Yenni, Gendriani and Risa fully repay their loans, but their income increased significantly thanks to the investments they made. Read the full article here.


Read the stories of Alaysa and Steven, who participated in the sewing training program in the Philippines.


hermanto_zwei2After a serious accident, Hermanto was not able to leave his house for three months. Thanks to a bulk order, he can now restart his delivery service for motorcycle spare parts. Our micro loan provided the necessary capital for him. Continue reading



Helen and Aireen want to open small businesses. Therefore, we made it possible for them to participate in the latest sewing class. Here is a picture of their graduation:




april-2Micro loans don’t only help people in increasing their income – they also help our participants to accomplish their dreams. Here you can read about April. Aged 19, she is the youngest micro loan recipient so far. Her dream: becoming a teacher. Learn more



15192601_2170825726475926_145623747664017737_nYesterday we could talk about our ministry during a guest lecture at Heilbronn University. We would like to express our thanks to the University for giving us this opportunity!




A couple of months ago, Risa opened a small food stall after her husband had an accident and was thus unable to work. In order to sustain the family, Risa received a micro loan to  expand her business. She is now able to contribute a large share to the family income. Thanks to our micro credit, Risa’s income is now approximately 8,60€ a day.


Three months after graduation, we visit Jennifer. She used the business skills she learnt during the training to open up a small convenience store!






Catherine, her daughter and her parents live together in a small hut. She is working part time and recently requested a micro loan to buy a sewing machine. She plans to make and sell bags and clothes from home. Read the full story


Check out our latest initiative on! With your help, we can enable 18 more people to take part in Project Life’s industrial sewing training program in the Philippines – for many this will be their first chance to find permanent employment in a local company. Our promise to all donors: we will tell you exactly who was able to take part because of your contribution!



3yenni5Yenni receives her third and last micro loan!
Now, she will be able to produce her latest product, “chicken cracker”, a local delicacy, in large numbers. Numerous school canteens have already expressed interest in regular deliveries.
With the rest of the money she will buy a second display, an investment long overdue as the range of products has more than doubled since her first micro loan in May. Learn more 



emy-2nd-loansmallNews from Emencita: Almost two years after starting her first small business, she receives a second micro loan. Now the successful entrepreneur designs and produces her own products! Read more



We are happy about being able to sponsor two more ladies to take part in the job training program of Project Life in the Philippines! Participating in the program opens up new possibilities for Grace and Alimie – you can read more about them and their motivations here.


Romel TobiasThrowback: Two years ago, we gave out our very first micro loan in the Phillipines. Romel from Dasmarinas received 37€ back then to buy a stock of ingredients which he needed to make his Casava cakes (a local delicacy) for street sale.




Meet the team: Click here to find out more about the people who enabled us to do our ministry from the start.

A huge thank you to Tobias Schüßler, Marion Schwierz, Silvia Schüßler, Jenny Oberst and Doris Schwierz!

03.09.2016 – We gave out 20 Micro Loans!

RisaEnd of August we gave our 20th micro loan to Risa from Indonesia. Risa wants to expand the beverages stall that she operates in front of her house. With this investment she will be able to offer small meals and consequently supply more customers.

Risa opened her stall a few month ago after her husband had a bad accident that made him unable to leave the house.


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19.08.2016 – 50 Members!

50 Members! A huge Thank You to all who enable us to do our work via their membership! To reach this number in less than two years is a huge encouragement for us and our work!


Siti newsFour years ago, Siti’s husband Suharlifan died because of a liver illness. Recently, she also had to give up her exhausting workplace because of a lack of energy and her age (53).

Because Siti has to make a living for herself and her youngest daughter she wants to open a small food stall in front of her house. Therefore, she needs a micro loan of 135€ to purchase the needed equipment and a stock of groceries. More informationen and pictures.



Update on Yenni, a successful micro entrepreneur: After three months, she had repaid her micro loan. The pictures show how Yenni used the money in order to renovate and expand her warung. Furthermore, there are now visibly more products in the shelves.

Motivated by the successful reopening she requested another micro loan and used it to buy gas canisters (used for cooking in Bali) and drinking water barrels for a good price at a wholesaler. Due to that she can now reach more customers and substantially increase her daily income.




Bildergalerie JenniferCongratulations to Jennifer and Ledesma! They successfully completed their six weeks sewing course. A big thank you to everyone who helped us in sponsoring them! The acquired skills not only increase the women’s chances on the employment market but also enable them to establish small tailor shops in their homes.

Additional good news is that Project Life received a large donation of materials! In the following two weeks the graduates are invited to come back to the training center and produce as much as they like with that material – whatever they produce is theirs to keep so they can use it to support their families.



WKPAfter Signing MOUCelebrating one year partnership with WKP Foundation in Indonesia! Together, we gave out seven micro loans and reached 24 people! Due to the success of our projects so far and the transparent and positive communication, we have decided to intensify our cooperation during the coming months! Read our latest story about how we assisted Gendriani in improving her „Container Restaurant“.



Duterte, the new president of the Philippines started his ‘war on drugs’ with full force. The director of Project Life tells us:

“In the last 4 days raids left four dead and dozens arrested in Subic [the area where most of our local staff and program participants live]. Another dealer on our street shot by police yesterday as well, and two more half a block away. More arrests in the building just in front of us too. Now reports that two more were shot. We teach our team and their families how to react in these insane situations.”

What we can do is to help people to move away from the slum areas – by intensifying education and job training programs!


Two more students sponsored in the Philippines: Get to know Jennifer and Ledesma and find out what their dreams for the future are.


A new story from the Philippines: As he is paralyzed and can’t walk, Mercedes husband cannot find any work. Therefore, Mercedes has to take care of the family income. Both also want to support their grandson who is in grade nine. Thanks to the micro loan, Mercedes was able to buy a second hand sewing machine opened a clothing store. Continue reading


Support for Yenni: After the death of her husband, Yenni had to secure her livelihood in a new way. Because of a micro loan, she was able to renovate her warung (a traditional mini market) and could expand it by a small diner. Read her full story here.


You want to know more about the people we are helping? Have a look at our brand-new picture gallery!


The latest “Micro News” is out – read now.


We are happy for Sandra and Liziel; one month ago they successfully completed their training program!
Liziel implemented her original plan and opened her own business. Additionally she can now make the school uniforms for her children.
After her graduation, Sandra (left) was offered a full time job, the first in her life! But in her absence, no one would have been able to look after her children, so she is currently working part time.

Read more stories here.


4 more families are empowered to live a better life thanks to micro loans and training programs.In Indonesia, Sunariyah finished her training and started her tailor shop at home, while Nur A’iniah takes her first lessons and thinks about how to rearrange her house in order to accomodate a sewing machine. In the Philippines, Sandra and Liziel receive professional job training – and have different plans for the future. Read more in “Stories”!


The latest “Micro News” – our quarterly newsletter – is out now! You can read it here.


Another tailor training is completed in Indonesia! Read here why Angelia wanted to be part of our program.


1 year Global Micro Initiative e.V. ! 11 micro loans were given out and 3 additional job trainings funded. A big thank you to everyone who supporded us to make this possible! We are looking forward to the coming year!


Read the story of Komang’s first business! She is the first participant in the sewing training in Indonesia, which we run together with WKP.


Stephanie H. about visiting our Partners in Indonesia:

“I am really happy to have had the chance to be part of a meeting with WKP during my holidays. That was a good opportunity to get direct insights into the projects of GMI. Sanna and Mrs. Murni are very dedicated and found interesting solutions to help financially weak people.

Visiting the first participant helped me to get a picture of how and especially to whom assistance is delivered. Although Komang was hesitant to show her home, we were allowed to see the conditions in which the family lives. Even though there was little space and the rooms were tiny, the five family members seemed to be happy and make the most of their situation.“


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We have new Partners! More information about WKP and ROLE Foundation and our new projects are available here.


What is the impact of my donation?

We have reported about the individual microfinance projects regularly. A repaid loan is given out a second time. After that, the funds support the skills training programs of our partner organizations.

In this way we were able to give 3 people the opportunity to take part in the skills training program. Before, they were surviving as garbage scavengers and prostitute. Today, all have found full time employment with a regular salary, for them and their families this means a huge improvement for their living conditions.

Mariana is one of the women who made use of this opportunity, read her story here:



10 successful Projects!

Six months after the official founding we are celebrating the tenth fully repaid micro-loan together with Project Life Subic! That means ten used opportunities for a better and independent life for poor people. Not every project was an immediate success but with combined efforts we could overcome the challenges in every case.

It is people like Emencita that can fulfill their dreams because of your donation. Last September she told us about her desire to sell children’s clothes and shortly before christmas she started her own business! Read the whole story below.


Become part of the Global Micro Initiative and help us by becoming a member or by donating to continue to offer ways out of poverty for the poor in the Philippines. We are thankful for any kind of support!


A quick update: Board director Tobias Schüßler is currently doing his exchange semester in Bali, Indonesia. There, he will be having meetings with two local NGO’s in order to talk about a possible partnership. We are very happy about the big interest in a cooperation and hope to be able to jointly empower poor people in Bali. We keep you informed!


Learn more about GMI – in our introduction video! English subtitles are available.


The official founding was on 22.11.2014