Place: Pattya, Thailand  
Age: 39  
Costs: 490 €


Nong is originally from the small province Korat in northeastern Thailand. As her family is very poor, she decided to move to Pattaya to earn more money. Nong’s 13-year old son stayed with the family, which now takes care of him. Every month, the mother sends money home to support her family financially. 

Nong worked as a prostitute for four years before finally joining the Tamar Center three years ago. It was there that she learned the basic skills of sewing. The 39-year old liked the work well and was quick in demonstrating her talent. It was only a short while later that her small bags were put onto the Tamar online shop. Unfortunately, the Tamar Center’s sewing instructor moved away which is why the center is only able to teach what the women know themselves.

For this reason, Nong was sent to a sewing school to further improve her skill set. 

Nong dreams of sewing shirts, trousers and dresses and to use her sewing skills to earn more money for her family. Thanks to the training, she will be able to fulfil her dream soon. The Tamar Center will extend Nong’s skill set so that the mother will be able to sew dresses for children. This will increase Nong’s earnings. In the long term, Nong will share her knowledge with others.

“Everything’s changed for me”, she says. “Other women should have the chance as well to learn new things in order to earn money. They shouldn’t have to feel ashamed for it.”