Nur Walidaiyah

Nur 4
Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 31  
Business: Bakery  
Loan: 71 €


For the first time, we are helping a baker, Nur Walidaiyah. Contrary to western bakeries, her products are based on rice instead of wheat. And as it is normal in Indonesian family businesses, her store, in this case her bakery, is part of the home of the family of four. Behind a small partition wall is the living- and bedroom which consists of a thin matress.

The work is physically very demanding which is why a third person helps the couple with the production of “bakpao”, how this type of bread is called in Indonesian. After the production, the bread is being distributed on four vending carts which then get pushed through the street by Nur Walidaiyah’s husband and three other men. In spite of all efforts, the family earns only little over 2€ per person per day. Considering that neither Nur Walidaiyah nor her husband have graduated from school this is still quite the accomplishment. To increase their turnover, the couple wants to buy another vending cart for the family business. Since they already found someone who can take care of another living area, the only thing missing was the capital. With a micro loan we were able to make this possible.

Bildergalerie Nur Walidaiyah

Bildergalerie Nur Walidaiyah
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