Place: East-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 37  
Business: Food Stall  
Loan: 56 €


An own small food stall is the dream of Nurjani, who comes from the east of Lombok. The 37-year-old Indonesian sells vegetables, meat, fish and eggs by going door to door. From time to time, her husband, who is a farmer, supports her. The two have three sons together.

Their daily income varies between 11 and 18 euros. Nurjani uses part of the profits from her sales to buy new food. She saves the rest in order to be able to afford a small food stall one day. So far, she has been able to save 116 euros – a lot of money for her family.

It is important for Nurjani to be able to also work from home. This could be possible in the form of a small stall on her doorstep. If one of her children falls ill, the Indonesian currently has no other option than staying at home, which also means that she cannot sell anything that day. The stall offers her the opportunity to earn money and at the same time take care of her children.

With the GMI microcredit of 56 euros and her savings, Nurjani now wants to buy this stall. We are excited to help women like Nurjani to realize their dreams and become more independent. And who knows? Which began door to door and is now becoming a small stand could one day develop into a small shop…


Translator: Ronja