nursiyah 1
Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 51  
Business: Warung  
Loan: 3 x 71 €


Update November 2018

In the past months, prices for gasoline increased in Indonesia, too. This meant rising prices for the ingredients of Nursiya’s warung. But while others had to close down their businesses, Nursiyah acted smart and reduced her product offer from the start. Now, in order to get back to August’ levels, we helped her with a third micro loan. 

Update August 2018

Nursiyah’s income is now at least 10 % higher compared to before. However, she is not able to determine an exact number, as exact bookkeeping is not done in small Indonesian companies. Motivated by her success, she wants to grow her Warung and received a second loan.

About Nursiyah

Nursiyah and her husband Samsudin live together with their six children on the popular Indonesian island of Bali. Four of their children are already married and don’t live with the couple anymore. The two youngest children are still going to school. The couple works hard in order to be able to provide for the family and afford living in their house.

Samsudin currently works as a lorry driver, for which he earns 6,60€ a day. Besides from taking care of the household, Nusiyah runs her own Warung, a small street stall, where she sells meals made of rice in homemade bowls. Thanks to our financial support, the 51-year old wife and mother was able to increase her offerings for Ramadan and is thus able to increase her earnings substantially during this time.

During Ramadan, the majority of Indonesia fasts for 30 days. During the first ten days, Muslims pray for blessings, the next ten days are spent praying for forgiveness and the last ten days are spent praying to be saved from the fires of hell. After sunset, people are allowed to eat – which is mostly in form of a large celebratory meal, either at home or in a restaurant.

This is beneficial to Nursiyah and her Warung, which is why she wants to present a large arrangement of products to the island’s inhabitants. During this time, Nursiyah will increase her working hours due to the large demand.