Oil is a woman with two sons from rural Thailand. Many women from rural Thailand move to Pattaya and seek employment in the city which is a famous tourist hub. In order to secure her family financially she moved to work in Pattaya while her two sons stay with their grandmother in her rural village. 

She worked in a bar in Pattaya. Oil realized that she is pregnant after being a Month in Pattaya. Due to her pregnancy, Oil was asking herself if she could take care of her 3rd child or not. She met some members of our partner organization in Thailand named Tamar Center during her pregnancy. The friendly acquaintance from Tamar Center gave Oil hope and see the light at the end of the tunnel. She tossed her idea of an abortion and today her beloved 3rd child is her 7-month-old daughter named Believe. 

Her work in the Bar for which she moved to Pattaya traumatized Oil heavily. Luckily, she is able to improve her life and progress forward from her traumas thanks to professional counselling from Tamar Center. She also stopped to smoke and improve her ability to take care of others during her stay at Tamar Center. 

Thanks to GMI, Oil was able to start a sewing training programme. The 31-year-old women always dreamed to learn sewing. She is a diligent student who is eager to learn and shows great effort. Oil visits 2 times per week the sewing school and stays at the Tamar Center for the rest of her week. Sewing easy things like shirts or more sophisticated clothes like vests and suit jackets are part of her repertoire. Her next milestone in her curriculum is to sew suit pants. 

In a few months Oil is going to finish her sewing training programme. Prior to her completion she is already seeing herself in getting an income from sewing. While at Tamar Center she wants to gain more experience. In the near future Oil wants to live with her family and provide them financial support. Oil started to put aside a fraction of her income in order to start her own sewing shop in her home village. We wish the best and much luck for Oil for her future plan. 

Translation: Mustafa