Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 32  
Business: Hijab-Shop  
Loan: 67 €; 67 €


Update November 2018

Oktavia’s strategy worked and her increased product variety also attracted more customers. As she is selling more now, she also needs to have more items in stock. With another micro loan, we enabled Oktavia to increase her inventory. 

About Oktavia

Although almost 90% of Indonesians are Muslims, Octavia’s business is a rarity in Bali, because Bali is almost exclusively inhabited by Hindus. On the small area directly in front of their apartment, Oktavia offers colorful and fashionable appealing hijabs, which are headscarves covering the hair, ears, neck and neckline of Muslim women. In addition, Oktavia also sells various cosmetic products that are suitable for all interested women. By selling hijabs and cosmetics she earns a little more than 110 Euro a month. Together with her husband Mahyu, whom she met five years ago on the island, the 32-year-old mother can thus take care of her two children (3 and 4 years-old) and to support her husband financially. He is currently working in a logistics company and earns about 140 euros a month.

With a microcredit of around 67 euros, Oktavia is able to expand her product range and order more products at once.