Our Approach

Microcredits – donate once, help multiple times!

Microcredits are very small loans (between €35 and €300) given to poor people whose income, if any, is not sufficient to either open their own business or to adequately support their own family with their business. They would never get a loan from banks and local moneylenders often charge up to 100% interest. We grant microloans exclusively for business purposes, so that repayment is also possible and helps people in the long term. Loans are certainly not a panacea for poverty, but they can help entrepreneurially inclined people and thus their families to lead a better life.

The big advantage: a repaid loan can be used for a new project!

You can read how microcredits change the lives of our participants in our impact study.

To ensure that a microcredit is used properly and that the project process is understood, we get to know potential participants and their families personally and visit their accommodation. To be eligible to participate in our projects, they must also communicate a small business plan.
Afterwards, participants receive a contract in which all agreements are included. For many of them, this is the first contract they sign in their lives.
Where necessary or requested by participants, we offer free training, e.g. in accounting. For participants who are just starting a small business, the basic training takes place before we grant the microloan. In this way, we create the basic conditions for the business to be successful in the long term.
The microloan is then disbursed and the small business owners expand or start a business.
During the repayment period, we provide advice to the business owners. In the event of difficulties or default, we find individual solutions and ensure that a microloan does not become a debt trap.
Once the loan has been repaid, the small business is continued independently. If needed, we continue to advise our participants afterward with questions and challenges. They also have the opportunity to apply for another microloan
We also offer all active and former project participants the opportunity to take part in free seminars and further training. This enables them to expand their business management skills and develop new ideas. The most important aspect here is the mutual exchange and networking opportunities. In this way, our participants learn to help each other in the face of challenges and also to be successful in the long term without external help.

Our promise: You will find out who you have helped!

Your donation has enabled a better and self-determined life for a person in the form of a loan or training – and we tell you who! 100% of your donation will be transferred to the project country after 3-6 months and used there. As soon as we have all the documents about “your” participants and your contact details, we will let you know what has happened with your donation.