Our Team

Who is behind the Global Micro Initiative? We are a young and motivated team with very different backgrounds. We dedicate our time to help our project participants live a better and more self-determined life and also to make sure that you know exactly who your donation has helped. We love what we do and that is why we are all volunteers.

On this page, you will learn who we are.


I am responsible for the supervision of the partners and the organization of our projects. I have lived in the Philippines and Indonesia for a long time and therefore know the living conditions on site and our partners personally. This makes our work a personal matter of the heart for me.
I am responsible for our marketing. I’ve wanted to get involved socially for a long time, but didn’t know exactly how. GMI convinced me because participants don’t just receive donations, but have the chance to live independently through the microloans.
SilviaAdmin & PR
I take care of administrative issues and GMI’s press relations. Volunteering has been important to me for a long time, because I myself spent two years abroad with an aid organization. What I like about GMI is that you can help people find their own way out of poverty with small amounts of money.

Team Memerbs

Without a dedicated team of volunteers, our work in Southeast Asia would hardly be possible. Only thanks to creative authors, translators and homepage and social media admins would our supporters not even know what their donation has achieved. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their commitment:

  • Anja – Head of Content
  • Annika – Homepage
  • Christiane – Marketing
  • Diana – Marketing
  • Doris – Allround-Support
  • Emilie – LinkedIn Expert
  • Frederic – Translation & Marketing
  • Jenny – Instagram
  • Julian – Homepage & Facebook Admin
  • Miriam – Press-author
  • Mustafa – Translator
  • Ronja – Translation
  • Susann – Press-author
  • Veronika – Redegation