In order to be able to carry out our projects optimally on site, we work closely together with local aid organizations. When it came to selecting our partners, it was particularly important to us that they were local, non-profit and small organizations. We got to know all our partners and accompanied them on site for several months before we started implementing joint projects. We selected Gema Alam, Project Life Subic and the Tamar Center from over 50 potential partners. Through the intensive contact and regular visits, we can guarantee that Your donation will arrive.


Indonesia: Gema Alam
Together with Gema Alam we establish an independent microcredit program for communities in 6 villages in eastern Lombok. Further information



Philippines: Project Life Subic
Together with Project Life, we provide microcredits in the Olongapo area and enable people to participate in job trainings. Our cooperation exists since our foundation in 2014. Further information



Thailand: Tamar Center
Together with the Tamar Center, we enable victims of human trafficking to start a new life by promoting job trainings and starter sets. Further information



2015 to 2019: Indonesia – WKP Foundation
Together with WKP we supported women entrepreneurs in the surroundings of Bali’s capital Denpasar for 4 years by offering microcredits and consulting services. Further information

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