Place: Olongapo, Philippines  
Age: 18  
Costs: 90€


Paula has 3 siblings and her step-father works as a construction worker in Hanjin Company while her mother works as a beautician.

Paula participated in sewing training as she wants to be able to find a job in the clothing industry one day. According to her, the training program was very helpful – she knows now how to use the sewing machines and how to sew her own bags and dresses. Her goal is to find a local job nearby.

At the graduation ceremony in April 2017 Paula said:

“the time went fast, now it’s our graduation day and I would like to thank each and every one of you for being part of this wonderful journey in learning on how to sew both in basic dress making and industrial sewing. I enhanced my skills in this program and I know to myself that I’ll be able to use all that I’ve learned here someday. Thank you so much to our trainers!”