Philippines: Childhood dreams

Every person has dreams, no matter what conditions they grow up in. The participants in the training program of Project Life Subic, our partner organization from the Philippines all have a less privileged background. GMI volunteer Anja interviewed 3 participants sponsored by us in the current course and wanted to know from them: “What was your childhood dream”?

Among the participants is the 56-year-old Marciell. Together with her husband, who works as a carpenter, and her three children, she lives in a small two-room apartment. As a child, Marciell always dreamed of being an aviation engineer one day. However, this dream could never be realized because her parents could not afford the money for university. So, she eventually became, like so many young women with poor backgrounds, mother and housewife. Today the family has to live on just over €2 per person a day.
She was made aware of Project Life’s training program by her daughter-in-law. She told Marciell full of joy that the training helped her to be more productive in life and gave her better opportunities for finding a job. After three weeks of training, Marciell already learned to take the right measurements for clothing and is currently completing her first complete school uniform. After graduating from the training, she wants to find a job as a seamstress.


Since his relatives live outside of Subic, 60-year-old Angelo has been living alone in a one-bedroom apartment for several years. As a child, he always wanted to be a chef on a cruise ship and explore the world. But he could never afford a professional cooking training. Even today he still dreams of becoming a chef and opening a small restaurant in his home village. However, his focus is currently on the completion of the sewing class. Angelo became aware of the program through a friend who also participated in the program. His friend said that the training helped him to repair his own clothes and he could have a small secondary income by repairing clothes of neighbors. Now Angelo wants to expand his skills further and find a job until he can open his restaurant in the future.


Sarah, the third participant we sponsored, lives together with her three children, her husband and other relatives in a small house in Subic. As a teenager, the 50-year-old dreamt of becoming a business woman. She never gave up this dream, and this is also why she is participating in the training program. In the future, she would like to open her own shop and sell self-made clothes, bags and other accessories. Through a friend she was made aware of the free education and is full of enthusiasm. At the moment she is working on her first school uniform and has already learned to take the right measurements for clothes and how to make patterns.


We wish our participants a lot of success in fulfilling their dreams!