A big part of South East Asia’s population already lived in poverty prior the ongoing pandemic. The lockdowns worsened the situation… But some of our microloan participants could sustain their small businesses and adjusted their offers to the unnatural situation.

Most of our microloans, if not all, were paid out and redeemed in cash in the past. This proves to be complex and impossible during the ongoing pandemic. Founder of GMI Tobias seeked to find other ways for not letting down our participants. GMI now gave our participants the opportunity for redeeming and obtaining microloans via bank transfers or mobile payment solutions. 6 Years before it was unthinkable to do it cashless… But the governments in South East Asia e.g. in the Philippines have put a lot of effort to provide the possibility of using mobile payment solutions for the poorer population. This way GMI can help our microloan participants and use the chances they have.

Our partner organization in the Philippines “Project Life Subic” initiated the option of cashless repayment by mobile phones.

Anthony is the founder of our partner organization in the Philippines. He appreciates the efforts which GMI made to continue the microloan programme in the Philippines by offering bank transfer or mobile payment solutions. A bank account or the use of mobile payment solutions is a great way for our microloan participants to save time but also be safe from thieves or losing cash.

Sheila is the “pioneer” for mobile repayments. Due to the lockdowns, Sheila wasn´t able to visit the office of “Project Life Subic” and redeem her microloan. But thanks to the possibility of having mobile payment solutions she was able to redeem her microloan and get granted another one for improving her business.

During the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns GMI still offers profound counselling for our microloan participants. We have created a “Facebook” group with all participants. Not only GMI but the participant can give valuable advices to each other. GMI has created a strong network in this situation for all microloan participants.





Translation: Mustafa