Glenda’s Meatballs

Glenda and family


Olongapo, Philippines





Business Idea:

Production and sale of meatballs



Together with her husband and her three sons, Glenda lives in a small house in Olongapo, a city with 250 000 inhabitants. She would like to enable her kids to go to college after they finish school so that they can earn more than 0,80€ per hour. Also, she would like to move to another area as the house where the family currently resides in is flooded multiple times every year. But the rent in areas with higher elevation amounts to 100€ monthly – too much for the family.

In order to reach her goals Glenda wants to open up a small business and sell meatballs and other eateries. We want to check if she can make any profits with her idea so we ask her to make a short income/expense list. Even though she never did anything like that before she shows us a detailed list already the next morning. With a small loan of around 3000 pesos (around 56€) and a training program she can make her dream come true.

Update November 2014:  After some problems selling the products in the beginning, Glenda got additional assistance and is now on track with her payments. Her business is going well.

Update June 2015: Glenda was really encouraged by the fact that she can earn money with her own efforts! She did not want to live in the slum area anymore and found a well paid job abroad (this is not uncommon for mothers in the Philippines). The education and therefore the future of her children is hereby guaranteed!

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