Fear of the coronavirus-induced disease COVID-19 and the protection of the Filipino population has led President Duterte to impose a strict curfew on the country. This also affects the work of our Philippine partner organization Project Life Subic. As a specially certified training centre for industrial seamstresses, Project Life Subic carried out training courses which were financed by donations from the Hösbach Global Micro Initiative e.V. However, only a few days before the graduation ceremony, the last course had to be paused due to curfew and all participants were sent home. Nevertheless, the team from the Project Life Subic Sewing Center in Olongapo plays an important role in the fight against COVID-19 and is now producing urgently needed protective clothing to fight the spread of COVID-19.

“To better protect the medical staff, a doctor friend asked the Project Life Subic project manager if the team could produce protective masks and clothing,” says our founder Tobias. “In the meantime, the team received further requests from hospitals, police and naval reservists who distribute relief supplies in the poor areas around Olongapo.

The team, consisting of 8 people, manages 16 complete sets of protective clothing per day in addition to a large number of face masks. In particular, we are pleased to welcome Azenith and Ariel, who have completed a previous sewing course. “I am thrilled that two women whose training was financed with the help of our donors are so committed and persevering in their work. And, of course, I’m pleased that GMI’s donated support for the sewing center is helping to protect medical personnel, police and other aid workers in the Philippines from COVID-19.

We are already mobilizing donors so that after the Corona crisis we will be ready to commit ourselves even more to helping people in Southeast Asia to work their way out of poverty by financing training and microcredits.

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