Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 63  
Business: Warung  
Loan: 3 x


Update September 2018

We gave out our 125. micro loan to Rati in September. For her it was the third loan which she will use to expand her little Warung a bit further.

Update May 2018

Rati repaid her loan in time. Even though the initial investment was quite high, she now has 5% more income every day. The advice from WKP’s employees definitely helped in that. From them she learned that customers rather buy things that are packaged nicely. And voila: Snacks, that Rati has been packaging differently since then are now selling much better! In order to offer more products, she recently received a second micro loan.

About Rati

Radi and Karsa, both 63 years old, only attended elementary school. Despite their age, the parents oft wo children still work full time, Karsa as a bus driver and Rati runs a small Warung. Per family member, they are only left with 2€ a day.

Rati knows from other Warungs that they earn substantially more because they also offer soft drinks and instant noodles. She would like to try that as well to be able to increase her income. This is why she applied for a micro credit with us. We were happy to provide such a motivated women with the financial means to improve her living situation.

Bildergalerie Rati

Bildergalerie Rati
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