Regina A. Viana 6
Place: San Isidro, Philippines  
Age: 42  
Business: Sewing Shop  
Loan: 88 €

The Philippines belongs to one of the poorer countries in Asia. Especially the contrast between the small upper class and the poorer majority of citizens is frightening. Living with having less than one Euro per day? What might sound unbelievable for people in Germany – it is the harsh reality for 40% of the citizens of the Philippines. A country with a population of more than 100 million people.

One of the many people in the Philippines who live below the poverty rate is Regina. She is married and has 5 children whom all study in college. Her husband is working as an electrician while she takes care of the household and their 5 children. The income of her husband is about € 140 and just enough to survive day by day and support the 7-member family. While all of her children study at daytime she decided to support her husband. Regina was attending a sewing training for a while in one of our partner-organization named Project Life Subic. She liked it a lot and decided to buy a sewing machine and open her own small sewing shop.

A microloan of PHP 5000/€ 88 has helped her to get a sewing machine and other important materials for sewing. Regina told us that Project Life Subic taught her how to use a sewing machine properly. It is important to clean the sewing machine after every use and take out all the remaining dust and lint. If you take good care of the machine it can do its job for 50 years. She wants to make, repair and sell curtains, pillowcases and clothes in her own sewing shop.

The will of Regina to run her own business and the microloan from Global Micro Initiative enabled her a bright future. With both helping hands she can support her family and make way for a better life for their 5 children. They can continue to go to college until they graduate.

Author: Annika
Translation by Mustafa Pamuk