Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 33  
Business: Delivery Service  
Loan:  IDR 3 Mil./177€


Dewa is a 33-year-old male who grew up in Karangasem, a regency in the east of Bali with a population of about 400.000. Meanwhile he is residing in Denpasar which is the biggest city in Bali. Dewa lives together with his wife and their son in his parents´ home in order to save money.

The ambitious young entrepreneur runs a small delivery service for cooking gas and mineral water. His shop is only 20 m² small and the roof is broken but most of his customers can´t visit his shop. He delivers the goods to his customers who initiate a call to purchase the goods they need. Dewa makes approx. IDR 4 Million / month (about € 236). But he needs to deduct IDR 300.000 rent for his 20m² shop and costs for his & his family’s life expenses.

Dewa made less money since the start of the corona pandemic and its ongoing measures to lower the spread of the virus. He applied for a microloan of IDR 3 Million (€ 177) from our partner organization named bprSIWI. The microloan will be used by Dewa to increase his shops product portfolio and stock of goods e.g., two new mineral water brands (aqua and cleo) and different sizes of cooking gas cylinders (3 Kg, 5 Kg, 12 Kg). We wish the best for Dewa and hope he can achieve his goals! Nonetheless we are also happy to have a good and successful cooperation with our partner organization named bprSIWI.

Author: Julian
Translation Mustafa