Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 25  
Business: Banten  
Loan: 2 x 71 €


Update November 2018

The couple was able to fully repay their loan in time. Now, six months later and cautious as they are, they want to take the next step and increase their business activities even further. Therefore they received a second micro loan.

About Reniati

Reniati (25) comes from the north-eastern part of the tropical island Bali. At the age of 21 she met her husband Bagus, whom she married in Denpasar. Together with the two kids, the couple now lives in a small house in Bali’s capital which is owned by Bagus’s parents.

27-year-old Bagus currently sells drinking water in Gallons, which is about 3,5l. Selling Gallons earns him a daily profit of around 5 €. To support her husband, Reniati sells Hindu offerings (“Banten”). Bali is a very spiritual and religious island. Customs are to sacrifice offerings to the gods. Basic components are water, fire (in the form of incense) and flowers, but can be extended to other components representing the wealth of the family. In return, people expect protection and rich harvest. Small offerings are often brought daily, depending on whom it serves, in a shrine, certain spaces in the house or for demons in front of the door. Reniati has two regular customers so far, who buy offerings daily. Thus, she can make a contribution of 3-4 € to their income.

To increase their income for the sake of their kids, Reniati and Bagus received a micro loan from us. With this money, Bagus would like to extend his product range and sell drinking water in cups. The 25-year-old mother is aiming to expand her customer base and increase sales of her handmade offerings. We wish the family a lot of success!

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