Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 34  
Business: Kerbside Stand  
Loan: 102€; 135€


Update June 2017

Risa received a second micro loan from us! Now she finally hopes to turn her dream of her own small shop into reality.

Update March 2017

Risa opened her small kiosk in order to provide for her family after Hermanto’s accident. She enjoyed this occupation so much that she continued it even after her husband was able to resume his work. By now she contributes more than half to the family income, which enormously strengthened her position within the household. She now has an equal say when it comes to making decisions concerning the family. Furthermore, it became her goal to have a “real” shop, which she does not want financed with a micro loan but save up the funds by herself. She already found an empty building for her new store.

The experiences and skills she could acquire with her kiosk helped her in getting a full time job in a catering company. This is the first job of her life! She will work there until she has enough savings to open her own shop. Her husband supports her in realizing her dream and drives her to work every day. Risa never learned how to drive as she rarely ever left the house before. Furthermore, Hermanto received another micro loan in order to further improve his business.

We are very happy that we could provide the micro loan to Risa that helped her discover her talents, improve her skills and empowered her to live an independent life!

Update November 2016

Risa was able to repay her loan completely. She now earns around 8,60€ per day! Her husband has recovered, but she still decided to continue her business.


Our 20. micro loan was given to Risa in August 2016!

We already know Risa. She is Hermanto’s wife, who, back in April, received a loan from us in order to expand his motor cycle spare parts delivery service. This way, his son was able to join in the business too, and everything was looking really well.

However, two months later, Hermanto had a really bad accident while delivering spare parts to a customer. He broke his leg and has not been able to leave his room/home ever since. The family doesn’t have health insurance either, so they just wait for his condition to improve. His brother jumped in and continued some of Hermanto’s deliveries, but still, income was cut by half.

On July 21, Hermanto was still able to repay his micro loan, with two weeks delay. At his visit, Sanna (from WKP) was shocked by how skinny Hermanto had become.

Risa decided that it was time for her to open a small business herself. She built a small counter and now she sells cold drinks, milk shakes, and iced fruits in front of their house. She did not have much to start with in the first place, but at least the family can now earn around 3,40€ more per day.

Risa needs a micro loan to add more products to her small business. With IDR 1,500,000 (102€) she can make traditional cake and nasi bungkus (rice with chicken, noodles, vegetables, and chilli paste) to take away. To help us in Germany understand what exactly that is, Risa even prepared a sample for Sanna to take a picture of! However, Risa will not only sell at their place. She and her husband used their connections and convinced five other food stalls in Denpasar to sell their products.

If their plan works, they would earn 7€ profits per day. The micro loan would double their income!


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