Place: Selong, Est-Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 40  
Business: Street Trader  
Loan: 65 €


Rohmatulloh is a solicitous wife and mother of three children. But she is more than that. In 2016 she started her own small company and works since then as a street trader. On the side she helps out in a laundry to cover the cost of living of her family and to finance her children’s education.

As street trader she sells Es Campur, an Indonesian dessert made of grated ice, different toppings and fruits, sweeten with syrup and condensed milk. This dessert developed itself very fast to a sales hit. Besides Es Campur customers can buy rice and other small patter from her too, like fried snacks.

Her husband is weider and has a monthly income of 23 euro. Rohmatulloh earns as street trader nearly 130 euro and due to her additional income in the laundry another 65 euro get around. Now she is with her monthly income, which is eight times higher than her husband’s income, the breadwinner of the family.

With a starting capital of 260 euro and a great idea Rohmatulloh worked for that position and the recognition of her family and friends. Now she can proudly say that her business is doing well and her children can go to school.

Today she strives for opening an own stall. For this undertaking we want to help her with a GMI credit at a height of 65 euro. From this money she can buy a little mobile shop and food to expand and make progress with her business.

Author: Annika
Translation: Julian