Place: Baloy Beach, Olongapo City, Philippines
Age: 37  
Business: Sari Sari Shop / Canteen  
Loan: 87 EUR/ 5,000 PHP 


The sun is shining and even in the shades of the palm trees it‘s 30 degrees. There isn’t a soul in sight. All you hear is the sound of the waves. Under your feet fine sand and within sight the blue sea – what sounds like a dream for some, turns out to be a nightmare for many. 

It hasn’t been such quiet at Baloy Beach for a long time. Normally there are many tourists and inhabitants who seek cooling in the sea. In the Philippines, however, there is a strict corona lockdown. The promised financial support from the government does not reach everyone. The measures taken to contain the Corona crisis have meant that many small business owners simply run out of income during the lure of lockdown. 

Romagyn is one of them. She has had a small Sari Sari shop on the beach for a year, which also serves as a canteen. Before the Corona crisis, she was doing well. She was able to establish a firm foothold with her store. Since she has to look after two children, she depends on the income of her Sari Sari shop. But the pandemic has left small businesses suffering severe financial losses. 

In the meantime, customers are passing by again due to the relaxation and it seems that normality is returning. Romagyn now wants to pursue her plan to expand her small business. GMI supports them with a microcredit of 87 euros. We wish Romagyn every success in bridging this difficult time! 







Translator: Frederic [:]