Place: Denpasar, Indonesia  
Age: 39  
Business: Lieferservice  
Loan: 35€; 2 x 50€; 2 x71€


Update December 2017

Before her first micro loan, Rumini was able to deliver to five curb side shops. Now the number rose to seven. After her return from Java, the situation went back to normal, therefore she is now confident to apply for another microcredit. Her goal: to deliver to one additional customer. 

Update October 2017

In early October, Rumini’s mother got very ill. So Rumini had to leave her business for a while, travel to the neighbouring island Java and take care of her mother. Paying for the trip, the hospital and medicine, most of her savings were depleted by mid October. Thankfully, her mother recovered and Rumini could return to Bali. With a fourth micro loan, we help her restart her business.

Update September 2017

After repaying her second microcredit on time, Rumini received a third loan. The proud entrepreneur tells us: “I had no problems in repaying my debt. My business is now doing much better. And I am, too!”

Update July 2017

Rumini fully repaid her loan on time. According to her, she was able to increase her income by 10%. Now, she received another loan of 50€ in order to expand her small business even further.

About Rumini

Rumini makes her living with cooking. Like a few of our program participants, she cooks every morning at home and then makes deliveries to various foodcourts in the area. What isn’t sold on the first day is usually put for sale again on the second day. In a country without hygiene rules, such a thing is possible.

Her husband Zannun supports her business, only in the afternoon he works as “Gojek” driver, a kind of “Uber” for motorbikes. A little over 2€ is left at the end of the day for each of the four family members.

“Such low interest rates are impossible to find elsewhere”, Rumini explains when we asked her why she agreed to go through the lengthy application process for one of our micro loans. “To wait a day longer is therefore entirely affordable. Also, I can request another loan later on which will go faster.”

She used her loan in order to expand her production capacities. In the fasting month of Ramadan the Muslims in Indonesia tend to spend more on food when compared to during the year. After the first loan was repaid, Rumini received a second one.

Gallery Rumini

Gallery Rumini
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Rumini and her two children