Place: Lombok, Indonesia  
Age: 46  
Business: Veg stall 
Loan: 125 €


Saemeh´s from Eastern Lombok – Indonesia, a rural and less developed area. She´s a mother of three children. When she used to be a housewife, her husband was the only person earning income for the family. He works in the agricultural sector. The government finances the school education costs of their 3 children.

Last year Saemeh decided to relieve the family financially by starting a business. She started to sell vegetables; this helped the family to make about € 60 more income per month. To grow and develop her business, however, she needed assistance. Interest fees for a loan from a bank are sky-high, therefore that was not an option. Hence, she decided to receive a loan from our partner organization – Gema Alam.

A micro loan of € 125 has enabled Saemeh to put more items onto the shelves, so she can grow and develop her business.